Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)

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Refractive Lens Exchange with IOL Surgery | RosevilleRefractive lens exchange (RLE) is an excellent option for people over the age of 40 who would like to improve their vision and reduce their dependence on glasses or contact lenses. The procedure replaces your eye’s natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) in order to restore clear, sharp vision in the distance, near and everywhere in between.

Am I a Candidate for Refractive Lens Exchange?

In general, refractive lens exchange is typically performed on people with severe farsightedness, nearsightedness or those who have developed presbyopia, an age-related vision condition that results in difficulty seeing close objects. Dr. Wilmarth also may recommend refractive lens exchange as a LASIK alternative for patients who are not suitable candidates for laser vision correction.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Wilmarth will perform a thorough eye examination to determine if refractive lens exchange is the best procedure to achieve your desired outcome.

Benefits of Refractive Lens Exchange

Refractive lens exchange offers you the dual benefit of improved vision and prevention of future vision issues. Since the procedure replaces your eye’s lens with an IOL, you will not be at risk of developing cataracts in the future.

In addition, your cornea remains relatively untouched during refractive lens exchange. As a result, the procedure may be an ideal option if you are not a candidate for LASIK due to thin corneas, dry eyes, or other corneal issues. Other benefits include:

  • Effectively corrects severe cases of nearsightedness and farsightedness that may not be sufficiently corrected by LASIK
  • Sharp vision is restored almost immediately following procedure
  • Short recovery period
  • The IOL can be exchanged for one of a different power if you do not achieve your desired outcome on the first try

Dr. Wilmarth offers a variety of premium multi-focal IOLs which effectively correct vision problems caused by presbyopia. As a result, you will be free of the hassles associated with reading glasses.

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