Patient Testimonials

LASIK & Cataract Surgeon Serving Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, Rocklin, and Nearby Areas of California

"Why did I wait so long?…It’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time. I spend hours every day in front of a computer terminal and spend hours every week running, cycling…my eyesight is better than it’s ever been. I’m not worrying about where my glasses are, or trying to keep them clean during a nice run on the trails. I wish I had done this years ago."
-Tim Twietmeyer, Internationally Known Distance Runner 4-Time Winner of Western States 100 Footrace
"For the first time in 35 years I can see! Amazing! The procedure was no big deal, and believe me, I am a a chicken when it comes to medical procedures. As a friend, I highly recommend LASIK and Dr. Wilmarth. I wish it was available a long time ago."
-Michael Castorino, Business Consultant
"The thing I like the most about my vision is that I no longer need to worry about contact lens or glasses when I kayak, travel, camping …etc . It is nice to be able to see when I get up in the morning. I am extremely happy with Dr. Wilmarth and his staff!"
-Shing Kong, Visian ICL patient
"I didn’t realize how much I was missing until I got (Custom) LASIK done! I can finally experience all of the little things everyone takes for granted on a daily basis. I’m recommending LASIK to everyone I know, and I am thankful I decided to finally do it and fortunate that I found Dr. Wilmarth – it changed my life. Really."
-Kecia Worley
"I’m 84 years of age with a marvelous new look at the world. Since my Crystalens surgery I can see 20/20 in the distance and read a book. Everything in between is clear. All without glasses."
-Henry S. Paterson
"My Crystalens surgery is a lifelong dream come true. I was unable to wear contact lenses and was not a candidate for Lasik. I can drive, work on the computer or read the newspaper all without glasses."
-Cokie DiBenedetto
"It’s wonderful to see again. I never expected it to turn out this great. It’s wonderful."
-Georgette Garren, Crystalens Patient
"Since my Crystalens surgeries performed by Dr. Wilmarth, I am most happy to resume independent living again, especially driving to places without getting lost. And to see without glasses is wonderful. It is the best decision I’ve made for myself and with no regrets."
-Eugenia Lew
"I had Visian ICL for both eyes about a month ago. I was very nearsighted (about -10) and was wearing hard contact lenses. Everyone kept telling me how happy I would be, starting with Dr. Wilmarth. I was a little nervous going into it, and even skeptical. I now have absolutely no regrets, I can see better than 20/20 now according to the eye charts. My vision really is high definition now, I find myself staring at objects now as I drive down the road because I’m admiring the detail I never noticed before. Dr. Wilmarth and his staff were very professional, never in a hurry to answer any questions or concerns I’ve had. I am honestly happier now than what I expected. I just want to say another special Thank you to Dr. Wilmarth, you changed my life! Thank you to Pat, Marcie, Elaine, Amanda and Lynn, for an excellent job and for treating me like a VIP. I appreciate it more than you can imagine!"
-Peter Pantaleakos