Visian ICL

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This exciting new technology offers options for those seeking to reduce dependence on glasses and contact lenses. The Visian ICL provides an outstanding quality of vision for those who are nearsighted.

Were you told that you are not a candidate for LASIK? Too much nearsightedness? Thin corneas? Dry eyes? Find out if you are a candidate for Visian ICL during a free consultation by calling Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center at 916-782-2111 today.

What Is Visian ICL?

The Visian ICL is a soft, thin lens that is gently implanted behind the iris and in front of the human lens. It is similar in appearance and feel to a contact lens but remains inside the eye. Implantation is a reversible procedure and the lens may be removed for any reason in the future without harm to the eye.

The Visian ICL is implanted by Sacramento eye surgeon Dr. Wilmarth under topical anesthesia in 10 to 15 minutes. There is very little, if any, discomfort associated with this procedure. Remarkably, visual recovery is quick and most are back to normal activities the next day.

Dr. Wilmarth was the first surgeon in the Pacific Northwest credentialed to implant the Vision ICL. For further information, visit or contact our Roseville vision correction office today.